How Efficient Is Your Law Firm?

Tom was making the same colossal mental mistake most attorney practitioners make, thinking he was doing everything he could to eke out a respectable living.  He certainly was working hard enough.

Bigstock-Stop-Doing-What-Doesn-t-Work-52434685Tom and his partner Richard started their practice together a few years ago.  They both thought they could earn a better living than working for their respective law firms.

It didn't take long for reality to set in. Their hours were longer and they earned far less per hour than they had when they had employers.

They hired an admin, Sally, about a year ago.  It definitely helped but there were still problems.

After Tom read the intro to the Revenue Focuser Workbook, he was definitely intrigued.

He coordinated two hours for himself, his partner, and their admin to watch the video and work through the workbook.

Tom and Richard thought about how much they really wanted to pay themselves every month.  Since they'd opened their doors, they had never been able to pay themselves that magic number.

They also recognized that, for some reason, their marketing efforts were unfocused and never attracted the right clientele. They could only help a small percentage of the prospects who called them.

Together the three identified their key revenue-generating services.  They added up the hours they spent delivering each service.

Tom and Richard also looked at the total hours they spent in the office each week.  They felt a knot in the pit of their stomachs when they discovered their office was operating at less than 20% of efficiency.  In fact, they barely operated at 19% efficiency.

Tom and Richard realized it was time to figure out how to retool their processes so they could handle their clients more efficiently; they also needed to determine how to attract the right clientele.

If you haven't worked through your Revenue Focuser, it could be the most important hour you spend.  When you decide it's time to eliminate the long hours and the feeling of being overwhelmed,take 1 hour and Complete the Lawyers With Purpose Revenue Focuser.

The income you want to earn and the ease you want to experience is within your reach.

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To your success,

Dave Zumpano 
Lawyers With Purpose

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