Discover Why Hundreds of Estate Planning and Elder Law Attorneys Nationwide Have Joined LWP

Maybe you are a transitioning attorney and need to master estate planning tools and strategies. Maybe you’re an established estate planning attorney looking to generate more revenue and grow your firm. Maybe you have already built a profitable firm and are interested in transitioning out of your practice.

Or perhaps you simply want to make more money without working 80 hours a week—that is, you want a rewarding work/life balance.

Lawyers with Purpose offers everything you need to achieve success as you define it. We’ll work with you to explore what it is you truly want from the practice of law. Then, together, we will design a roadmap detailing the precise steps you need to take to reach your identified goals.

You should know that within six months new Members have typically established a reliable cash flow and are well on their way to having the firm and work/life balance they’ve always wanted.

Your Complete Practice Solution

When we say LWP offers everything you need to achieve success as you define it, we are not exaggerating. State-of-the art software; cloud-based systems, processes, and workflows; live training; retail and wholesale marketing; legal/technical support; referral relationship management… when you join LWP, you’ll have ready access to all of it from a single source.

Our unique, all-inclusive range of services will help you “put more butts in seats” at your workshops, generate new leads and referrals, and convert prospects to clients during initial meetings. You’ll learn about and incorporate the proven LWP systems, processes, and workflows you need to run an efficient law firm (as opposed to your firm running you ragged). You’ll get the training, tools, and support necessary to “hire smart” and build an efficient, proficient, and self-sufficient team so you can focus on the tasks best suited to your particular skill set.

In short, whatever your goal regarding the practice of law, LWP can help you achieve it.


Lawyers with Purpose has been the estate planning industry’s innovation leader since its inception in 2001. Dave Zumpano created the concept of Medicaid planning and his iPug® Asset Protection Trust remains the industry standard for helping families protect assets against the high cost of long-term care and other threats. We continuously create, develop, test, and implement new strategies and tools to facilitate the running a successful law firm. (Dave Zumpano’s firm, the Estate Planning Law Center, serves as the testing ground for LWP tools and strategies. That’s why we sometimes call it The Lab.)

Freedom and a Work/Life Balance​

Many attorneys work so many hours trying to micromanage every aspect of their practice that they neglect family, friends, and activities that bring joy in life. LWP is dedicated to helping Member attorneys achieve a satisfying work/life balance. Our software, systems, processes, training, teambuilding tools, and more not only improve operational efficiency and profitability, they give you freedom. Freedom to confidently delegate work to team members and focus on the tasks at which you excel. Freedom to leave the office at a reasonable hour and take extended vacations without worrying about the firm falling apart or losing money in your absence. Freedom, in short, to get the most from your time at work and your time after work.

Protecting the personal and financial freedom of families. This is the LWP mission. It applies to the families of LWP staff, LWP Members, and LWP Members’ clients.


When you join LWP, you become a valued Member of a community dedicated to achieving success through collaboration. At group events, such as Practice with Purpose (PWP) and the Twice-Annual Practice Enhancement Retreat (TAPER), Members work together to master the law, master running a successful law firm, and master a financially and personally rewarding work/life balance. Members also share “war stories” about real-world challenges and ways to triumph over them. The collaboration doesn’t end when everyone heads back to the office. Members can ask questions and get answers from colleagues on Listserv, and our twice-weekly Member Power Hour, which allow Members to interact with, and learn from, fellow Members in conjunction with the LWP team.

As an LWP Member, your journey to success is never a solo one.

What do you want from your practice? Declare it today!

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