Words by Britt Shearin, Lawyers with Purpose Legal-Technical Attorney Few areas of law carry universal relevance and enduring importance as estate planning. Unlike specialized fields that may cater to select circumstances or unfortunate events, estate planning exists as a necessity, touching the lives of virtually every individual. In a world where asset ownership, mortality, and […]

February 2024 — Lawyers with Purpose (“LWP”), a leading membership organization for estate planning and elder law attorneys, is thrilled to announce a strategic move toward enhancing its document template solution. After a thorough evaluation, the organization has decided to transition from HotDocs based templates, to Knackly, offering a true cloud-based drafting solution for its […]

February 2024 — In the dynamic landscape of estate planning, staying informed about the latest IRS announcements is paramount. Recently, the IRS released Memorandum Number 202352018, shedding light on the potential gift tax consequences of modifying a Grantor Trust to include income tax reimbursement language. In this scenario, Grantor sought to modify an irrevocable Grantor […]

Security Awareness Training for Law Firms: In today’s business with the ever increasing and evolving cybersecurity threat landscape, cybercriminals are becoming more and more creative. The greatest threat vector to any organization is through their employees. Acts don’t have to be malicious to cause great harm to an organization. An oversite, mistake, or careless act […]

In light of the legal and ethical obligations that lawyers face to protect their clients’ data, defining the exact scope of what those protective measures are can often be challenging. In some cases, statutes and regulations define that standard in terms of positive results to be achieved, such as ensuring the confidentiality, integrity, and availability […]

While some states consider an IRA to be exempt resource, in most states this type of asset is countable and must be spent down. This may leave clients facing the complicated question of how to best spend down their retirement accounts. If the client chooses to liquidate the retirement account, they may incur sizeable tax […]

Today’s Business Reliance on Electronic Data and the Expanding Threat Most, if not all data that businesses utilize throughout day-to-day operations is created, processed, and stored in electronic form. Technology has completely transformed the way companies conduct business and has introduced numerous benefits, including cost savings and increased productivity. Despite the many benefits technology introduces, […]

Dave Zumpano, LWP Founder and CEO, was recently interviewed for Authority Magazine. “Law school primarily prepares lawyers for the practice of law. But leading or starting a law firm requires so much more than that. It requires the entrepreneurial skills that any CEO would need to run a business; How to manage personnel, how to […]