Another powerful component of some software is the ability to do dynamic interviews. Let’s say John and Jane Sample want separate revocable living trusts and you collect the information needed to do each one. But what if they change their minds and want a joint revocable living trust? The software can help you make the […]

The process of creating a customized estate plan begins with the client interview. State-of-the-art software uses a single-entry system; as you work through the interview, you only have to enter information once. That information is later reused in the interview and replicated in the assembled documents. Another benefit of a single-entry system is that it […]

Greater efficiency is one of the keys to greater profitability. As an estate planning and elder law attorney, if you want to become more profitable, your firm must be able to draft an asset protection plan more efficiently. The right software can help you accomplish this. The improved workflow efficiency inherent in computer software is […]

Given the amount of time and energy you put into running your law firm, do you feel like you should be making more money? Do you wish you could spend more time with your family or on the hobbies and activities that interest you most? Do you feel like there is simply not enough time […]

LWP's Director of VA Services, Matthew Donald, Esq., provides an overview of the VA Appeals Process.

Nashville Tennessee’s renown Music Row has been home to the Gordon Law Group for over 25 years, but its reach extends from Greenville, SC to Charleston, SC, to Nashville TN, and soon to Kissimmee, FL where a new office is about to open.  The firm offers exceptional legal services to those dealing with matters involving entertainment law, business law, intellectual property, family law, and estate planning, and prides itself on staying on top of the ever-shifting laws and keeping up with the latest in technological advances that will benefit its clients. LWP sat down with attorney Adam O’Dell to talk about the Gordon Law Group, which has been an LWP member since July 2017, and about his firm’s experiences with LWP and in his market.

The Initial Meeting and the Vision Meeting are two consultation-type meetings that are part of LWP's enrollment process. LWP Implementation Coach Amanda "Mandy" Bossow describes them both and how to utilize them for optimal results.

Television and radio ads are proven tactics to build widespread awareness of your name and firm throughout your community. If you are already using the “Ask” campaign, it will be relatively easy to produce a new ad incorporating a message about the challenges faced by the sandwich generation. Such an ad will allow you to […]