In the world of digital marketing, the most coveted piece of prospect information is an email address. The question is, how can you convince visitors to your website to provide you with their email addresses? The answer: a lead magnet. A lead magnet is a free offer or incentive, typically

Host a Picnic A picnic (with sandwiches on the menu) offers a great opportunity to market your firm to the sandwich generation. You’ll want to invite your existing clients—and have them invite friends and family—together with prospects in your data base. The informal atmosphere of a picnic should make everyone

Writing a single article about the sandwich generation will allow you to use multiple platforms to get the word out about your firm and how you can address the challenges faced by the sandwich generation. You can use your article for: Blogs Social media posts Your newsletter Emails A press

The term sandwich generation refers to people who are raising their own children while simultaneously trying to care for aging parents. In essence, they are “sandwiched” between these two roles, each of which is demanding in its own right. Perhaps you are a member of this generation and have first-hand

LWP cloud-based workflows and the Color-Coded Planning System can help you manage time efficiently, monitor cash flow, hold your team accountable, and ultimately, realize your firm’s full profit potential. The more you work with the focusers and your calendar, the better you will get at reading them and pinpointing the

Green time is the time you spend on serving your clients to provide the value for which they hired you. This requires working with your team, utilizing systems and processes to create consistent quality, and ultimately, reducing the amount of time YOU work every week, every month, every year. Green

Blue time is the time you spend on lead generation and lead conversion (commonly referred to as marketing and sales). At Lawyers with Purpose, we call this Relationship Management and Client Enrollment. Blue time involves all of the following: Marketing to third party relationships (light blue) Networking events (light blue)

Color-coding allows you to efficiently track your weekly workload and quickly determine areas of your operation that need improvement. Yellow time is the time you spend working on your law firm business. By “working on your law firm business” we do not mean creating a trust or crafting an asset

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This focuser measures how many money meetings the firm has on the books for a given month. It encompasses all the meetings where there is a check being collected for work completed. (Remember, the LWP process trains firms to collect 50 percent of the fee at the Design Meeting and

LWP Implementation Specialist, Amanda "Mandy" Bossow explains how the workshop is the first key step in your prospect's journey toward becoming your client.

Lawyers With Purpose congratulates Jeff Edwards of the Law Offices of Flynn, Edwards, & O’Neal, PLLC iin Roland, OK on their many successes. A member of LWP since January 2018, Jeff Edwards discusses how his firm has implemented LWP's systems and processes as well as the current market trends he's experiencing.