The VA annually updates the amount paid to Veterans and widows for the Improved Pension Program. Here are the latest amounts which became effective December 1 , 2019 and will likely continue until December 1, 2020.

People have different needs regarding the amount of attention they want to receive in a relationship. For some of your referral sources, getting together once a year might be fine. Other sources might want to meet every six months, or even once a month. If the referral source is providing

LWP Attorney Brittney Shearin, Esq. outlines the a short list of the SECURE Act basics you need to know.

At TAPER Orlando, Dave will share his vision for the profitable practice of law in the new decade. His Keynote address will be followed by some of the most transformative breakout sessions we’ve ever hosted. There will be sessions about adding Alzheimer’s planning to your firm; the SECURE Act; a three-part series on the TLC Estate Planning Process; budgeting; ActionStep financial reporting; marketing; VA benefits; and more.

As your referral relationships evolve, you want to track a wide range of information. For instance, make sure you know how many referrals you’re getting from each source, together with the average fee and retention rate per referral received. If one referral source is providing prospects that generally turn into

Last time, we detailed the types of questions you need to ask to both demonstrate your value to the allied professional and to quickly determine if working with the professional will be of value to you. Now let’s discuss the latter topic a bit further. What are some of the

Asking the right questions accomplishes several goals. It allows you to find ways to distinguish yourself from your competition and demonstrate the value you offer the allied professional and his or her clients. This can convince the professional to move forward with you. In addition, asking the right questions allows

Why should a professional refer his or her clients to you? For starters, the professional must know why and how your services will benefit his or her clients. The professional must also be confident that you will “do right” by his or her clients—basically, that you will provide effective legal

Simply put, you want to meet with professionals that service your market in a different way than you do and whose clients (or patients) can benefit from your services. So where do you find these professionals? Your sources can be broken down into four categories: institutions such as hospitals and

With 2020 on the horizon, now is a wonderful time to roll out a Maintenance Program! A Maintenance Program helps you meet your revenue goals, foster lifelong clients, and focus on the proactive approach versus a reactive one.

In this fourth part of a four part series on how to represent a claimant before the VA, Matthew Donald, Esq. Director of VA Services, cuts through the misinformation and provides an overview of what is actually happening with the VA's proposed rule change.

This time of year, we remember with gratitude the many joys that our families, friends, clients, and neighbors have brought us, and we especially remember the sacrifices of those who have served our country. The Outreach Team at Maryville University has asked us to share this article with you, so