Start 2020 Off Right by Kick-Starting Your Maintenance Program

From mid-November through the beginning of January, Lawyers with Purpose members tend to see a decrease of initial contacts, initial meetings, and workshop attendance. The holidays are THE time for your prospects and clients to be thinking about AND discussing their future plans with family, however, not as many do. How can you remedy this? By kicking off your maintenance program!

TAPER Orlando

Building a Firm that Roars in the 2020’s: The Future is Now at TAPER Orlando

At TAPER Orlando, Dave will share his vision for the profitable practice of law in the new decade. His Keynote address will be followed by some of the most transformative breakout sessions we’ve ever hosted. There will be sessions about adding Alzheimer’s planning to your firm; the SECURE Act; a three-part series on the TLC Estate Planning Process; budgeting; ActionStep financial reporting; marketing; VA benefits; and more.

Robin gordon Adam O'Dell photo

Introducing October 2019 Members of the Month, Robin Gordon & Adam O’Dell

Nashville Tennessee’s renown Music Row has been home to the Gordon Law Group for over 25 years, but its reach extends from Greenville, SC to Charleston, SC, to Nashville TN, and soon to Kissimmee, FL where a new office is about to open.  The firm offers exceptional legal services to those dealing with matters involving entertainment law, business law, intellectual property, family law, and estate planning, and prides itself on staying on top of the ever-shifting laws and keeping up with the latest in technological advances that will benefit its clients. LWP sat down with attorney Adam O’Dell to talk about the Gordon Law Group, which has been an LWP member since July 2017, and about his firm’s experiences with LWP and in his market.


Know the Seven Common Workshop Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

When LWP members start putting their workshops together for the first time, they often think of them as a way to generate new clients, which is a key outcome.  However, they tend to focus on the workshop solely as a lead generator, and this mindset falls severely short in terms of what workshops actually help you accomplish. The workshop should be considered part of your process, the education part.  It is the part of the process that almost everyone needs, but they don’t think they do. The workshop helps participants see things they didn’t know, as well as things they didn’t even know they didn’t know; it provides them something new upon which to reflect.  The workshop doesn’t just generate leads; it helps enroll qualified candidates into your firm for a Vision Meeting and helps you accomplish higher retention rates and higher average fees, adding to increased profitability.  This article gives an overview of seven common workshop mistakes that will sabotage your success.


Automated Workflow Management: The Top 4 Reasons Why You NEED Automated Workflows in YOUR Firm!

Utilizing an automated workflow management system makes it much easier to have greater insight into your business by easily generating reports instead of having to dig through files or spend time locating the information you need.With automated workflow management, you and your team are held accountable by auto-generated tasks set specifically for certain roles. Your ability to communicate both internally and externally is more effective because everyone is aware of the specific step a client is on within the process and how to keep clients moving efficiently through your process, overall.