Building a Firm that Roars in the 2020’s: The Future is Now at TAPER Orlando

TAPER Orlando


The new decade will be a time of extraordinary change characterized by challenges to embrace and opportunities to seize.

We’ll see demographic changes, with baby boomers continuing to enter retirement and increasing numbers of elders requiring expensive long-term care.

Technology and AI will continue to advance at a startling rate. More employees will work from home (or expect to have the option to do so). The LegalZooms of the world will increasingly threaten those of us who practice highly personal, customized planning.

Laws governing Medicaid, asset protection, taxation, and more will change as well.

Dramatic change is inevitable. The question is, will you address it reactively or proactively? Will you triumph over the challenges and turn them into opportunities?

Since its inception, LWP has been at the forefront of innovation. Dave Zumpano is a pioneer in the creation and evolution of Medicaid planning and Elder Law. His iPug Trust was and continues to be one of the industry’s most powerful asset protection tools. Dave’s firm, the Estate Planning Law Center, serves as the model for how a profitable estate planning and elder law firm should operate. LWP’s cutting-edge software, tools, systems, and processes are utilized by successful law firms all across the country.

At TAPER Orlando, Dave will share his vision for the profitable practice of law in the new decade. His Keynote address will be followed by some of the most transformative breakout sessions we’ve ever hosted. There will be sessions about adding Alzheimer’s planning to your firm; the SECURE Act; a three-part series on the TLC Estate Planning Process; budgeting; ActionStep financial reporting; marketing; VA benefits; and more.

You’ll leave Orlando with a detailed road map of how to get where you want to be in 12 months, three years from now, and at decade’s end 10 years from now.

In short, we’ll be providing you with the hands-on training, tools, systems, processes, and strategies you need to address the coming changes proactively—and, to create a firm that roars in the twenty-twenties.

We can’t wait to see you in Orlando!

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