Automated Workflow Management: The Top 4 Reasons Why You NEED Automated Workflows in YOUR Firm!


Utilizing an automated workflow management system makes it much easier to have greater insight into your business by easily generating reports instead of having to dig through files or spend time locating the information you need.

With automated workflow management, you and your team are held accountable by auto-generated tasks set specifically for certain roles. Your ability to communicate both internally and externally is more effective because everyone is aware of the specific step a client is on within the process and how to keep clients moving efficiently through your process, overall.  By having more effective communication and staying ahead of the game, your clients and referral partners have a greater satisfaction with the services you provide.  Lastly, the ability to produce top notch documents is now easier than ever, and you can be sure the information needed is entered properly without having to spend a ton of time reviewing and editing.

  • Increased insight into how your business is doing.

Wouldn’t you like to:

Know if/where a client gets stalled in the process? 

Prevent any client from falling through the cracks? 

Be able to measure your KPIs?


With automated workflows you can easily answer the following questions:

How many clients do I need to retain this week in order to meet my revenue goals?

How many individuals are registered to attend our workshop this week?

How many prospects are at a follow-up step from the workshop we had last week?

How long has client John Smith been at the vision meeting step?

Who is coming in to design a plan this week?

What is my retention rate and average fee?

When are we getting paid next?


All of these questions can be easily answered by placing the matter into the proper step within your automated workflow. With just a few clicks of the mouse, you can generate a report to review if follow-up has been completed timely and effectively, if your marketing is working properly, and if your cash flow projections are on track. With automated workflows, everyone is aware of the tasks they have or have not done, and that which you inspect, people will respect. You will have fewer accountability issues in your firm when everyone is conscious of their work.


  • Increased accountability and communication for you and your team.

By utilizing automated workflows, you can move past the days of to-do lists when team members needed to keep a record in a notebook of the things they accomplished in a day.  By utilizing an automated workflow management system, you can view and delegate tasks and know if they are in progress, whether or not they were completed, and the amount of time it took to complete them.   If you see a ball being dropped, you can take a proactive approach to prevent a problem instead of discovering it when an upset client contacts your firm.  Simply running a report will reveal if follow-ups were completed in a timely manner.  Likewise, if you are scheduled to draft documents for a client, a task can be generated to remind you so you can stay on top of your own workload, too. With automated workflows, when you calendar and link appointments, they will auto-generate the tasks for your upcoming meetings.  This ensures that you have sufficient time to complete your tasks, eliminating the potential for unpreparedness or having to cancel meetings last minute, both of which could can cost you revenue and credibility with your clients.


The automated workflow has a built-in communication system that decreases the need for untimely interruptions. Adding a note to a client matter each and every time someone has contact with either the client or the matter itself keeps everyone in the loop.  Even the receptionist can review the notes to ensure that the paralegal is currently drafting the documents that the attorney will review prior to a signing meeting with the client this coming Wednesday!


  • Increased satisfaction from clients and referral partners.

As part of their standard value proposition, LWP members can confidently demonstrate to their prospects, clients, and referral partners that there is a process to prevent a lack of communication, and that ‘balls very rarely get dropped.’ You will have a standard process to which you adhere that ensures you can deliver on your promises. Clients gain more confidence in your services when they don’t have to be the ones reaching out all the time and holding you accountable, and the more enjoyable the process is for the client, the more they will want to refer others. Staying ahead of the issues and concerns increases client satisfaction.


  • Improved quality of deliverables.

Another added benefit for utilizing a workflow management system is the use of plug-ins! By utilizing a plug-in for HotDocs, you have the ability to draft documents right from the cloud as well as having some of the information from the client matter preloaded into the software. This leaves less room for error and more continuity with documents. The review process can be completed in less time, and you can be confident that names and addresses were transferred properly. “Copy and paste” can quickly become a thing of the past!


We have found that when LWP members use automated workflows, it not only keeps them on task, but they are able to distinguish themselves above the rest!

– Amanda Bossow, LWP Implementation Specialist

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