Welcome to Member Power Hour, LWP’s Breakthrough Approach to Community Education and Support

One of the many benefits of being an LWP Member is the opportunity to interact with, and learn from, fellow Members in conjunction with the LWP team.

We created Member Power Hour to provide you with twice-weekly educational and mutual support events to help you grow your practice. It’s an open forum, a give and take, shaped by the following schedule:

First Tuesday and Thursday

  • Client Intake and Workshop Performance Results/Tracking
    Hosted by Phil & Ryan
  • Maximizing and Measuring Initial and Vision Meeting Results
    Hosted by Phil & Mandy

Second Tuesday and Thursday

  • Design Meeting, Drafting, and Cash Flow Focuser
    Hosted by Brittney & Ryan
  • Signing Meeting, Funding, and Closing
    Hosted by Ryan & Mandy

Third Tuesday and Thursday

  • AP Fundamentals and Features of Plans
    Hosted by Brittney & Jenn
  • Maximizing and Measuring Your RMS Results
    Hosted by Phil & Mandy

Fourth Tuesday and Thursday

  • The LWP Dashboard: Profitability to Hit Revenue Goals
    Hosted by Phil & Mandy
  • Trust Design, Funding Strategies, and Pre-Planning
    Hosted by Brittney & Kyle

What are your greatest challenges? Where have you found success? How did you do it? What, in short, is on your mind? Gain insight from your peers and the LWP team during Member Power Hour. Empowering success… together.

We can’t wait to see you every Tuesday and Thursday!

The LWP Team

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