Learn How to Build a Successful Estate Planning & Elder Law Practice

with LWP Founder,
Dave Zumpano

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Welcome to the Practice Success Podcast!

It’s been said that you should never take business advice from someone who hasn’t run a business. This is particularly true when it comes to building an estate planning and elder law practice. Shaping legacies and drafting complex plans that may not come to fruition for years to come requires a set of skills rarely taught in law school. As for building a successful business, they didn’t teach you that in law school either.

Few people are as qualified as Dave Zumpano to teach you the secrets of an efficient, proficient, and profitable practice. Dave founded the Estate Planning Law Center, a nationally known “model” law firm. Then be founded Lawyers With Purpose (LWP), the nation’s premier practice development and enhancement organization, which has helped hundreds of attorneys build successful estate planning and elder law practices.

Whether you are a seasoned estate planning attorney, an attorney looking to add estate planning and elder law to your existing list of practice areas, or you’re just starting out, our Practice Success Podcast will give you a solid plan for success.

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Hosted by Dave Zumpano,
LWP Founder

Moderated by Lisa Roser,
LWP Director of Marketing

Dave Zumpano
These compelling podcasts focus on a wide range of topics from the five key pillars of practice success: legal-technical expertise; operations; mindset; marketing and innovation. The podcasts will also feature myriad guest hosts sharing their particular areas of expertise.

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