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LWP’s cloud-based, integrated software isn’t just the industry standard, it has helped revolutionize the way attorneys practice estate planning, elder law, and asset protection. How robust is our software? Some attorneys tell us they initially joined LWP simply to gain access to it. Long-time Members consistently report that they can’t imagine running their firms without LWP software.

LWP software dramatically reduces the amount of time you and your team devote to drafting without sacrificing accuracy or customization. This in turn frees up your time to focus on other aspects of running a profitable firm, such as the pursuit of new business. Finally, the software is fully integrated with all LWP cloud-based systems, processes, and workflows. You can access and work with the software in 3rd party platform Actionstep.

Let’s take a look at what sets LWP software apart and why it remains the standard by which all other drafting software is measured.

Client Centered

The name says it all: Lawyers with Purpose Client-Centered Software. Our estate planning software is designed to address the specific needs of each client. When you meet with a client, the design template is organized to help you firmly establish what clients want their plans to accomplish at every stage of life’s journey: while they are alive and well, if and when they become disabled, and how and when assets are distributed to loved ones when the client passes away. A fully customized plan can be created during a one hour and 30-minute initial interview.

Single Entry System

When you enter a client’s information during the initial interview, all of his or her relevant information will be incorporated into each of the planning documents automatically. In addition, as you move through the interview, the software will warn you if you make choices that are inconsistent or could lead to potential problems. You are protected against errors (and potential malpractice) at every keystroke.

Customized Planning

Most software results in cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all estate planning documents. LWP software allows for unsurpassed customization. It permits generational planning using various trusts and sub-trusts each allowing customizable distribution standards, individual trustee selections, and various uses of powers of appointment.


LWP document creation software has all the templates an estate planning, elder law, and asset protection attorney needs to run a practice. From powers of attorney, healthcare directives, simple wills to enhanced wills, which include testamentary trusts and estate tax planning, powers of attorney and healthcare directives, revocable and irrevocable trusts, plus a fully customizable personal care plan. Then there are more specialized features, including:


LWP Medicaid qualification software is the only software in the entire industry that allows you to properly calculate Medicaid eligibility for any type of client. Not only does it help you identify the maximum amount of assets that can be protected in the shortest period of time, it helps you present information to clients in a way they can understand. It warns you about potential conflicts and errors, and even helps you demonstrate the value of your services to clients.

Veterans Benefits

LWP VA software allows you to quickly determine if a veteran or surviving spouse is currently eligible for benefits or if planning is required to become eligible. It also includes every document needed to prepare and submit the VA Intent to File, Formal Claim, or Appeal.

Special Needs

The software also includes both first and third-party stand-alone Special Needs Trusts. All of our wills and trusts also include standby Special Needs Trusts for special needs beneficiaries.

Asset Protection

Dave Zumpano created the revolutionary iPug® Asset Protection Trust, which is often imitated but has never been equaled. With its unique set of features and functionalities, it is an invaluable tool for Medicaid planning, business planning, and advanced asset protection. It represents a much simpler approach than traditional domestic asset protections trusts.

With the help of LWP software, live training, and legal/technical support, new Members (even those with little to no experience in estate planning) typically master estate planning tools and strategies within three months. Learn more about becoming the go-to estate planning attorney in your market by contacting us at info@lawyerswithpurpose.com or (877) 299-0326.

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