• Assess existing operational efficiency; org structure, team, systems, processes, reporting and financial benchmarks
  • Assess current legal  knowledge, offerings & pricing structure
  • Assess existing marketing tactics, strategies & results
  • Assess attorney and team mindset & coachability


  • Create a one-year operations strategy, benchmarks and resources needed
  • Identify firm offerings, pricing and strategy to implement
  • Create a one-year marketing plan, budget and strategy to  implement
  • Identify personal and professional development plan and strategy to achieve it


  • Monthly group growth calls to implement operation strategy; org structure, team, systems, processes, reporting and financial benchmarks
  • Schedule and participate in on-going personal & professional development


  • Engage regularly with other members for best practices through ListServ & other LWP sponsored forums
  • Participate in web-based trainings & roundtable discussions
  • Utilize member services, legal support, tech support, operations support and coaching
  • Professionally and Socially engage with other members at the Twice-Annual Practice Enhancement Retreat (TAPER)


  • Quarterly one-to-one session to review goals and assess performance progress
  • Weekly tracking of marketing efforts (ICF)
  • Weekly tracking of sales (workshop & pipeline focuser)
  • Real-time tracking of work in process
  • Real-time tracking of revenue and expenses to budget (cashflow focuser & trend report)