Systems. Processes. Workflows. They weren’t among the course offerings in law school, and even the words themselves can intimidate those of us who are technologically uninclined. Unfortunately, you can’t run an efficient, proficient, and profitable business—yes, your law firm is a business—without them. You can be the greatest estate planning attorney the world has ever seen, but your firm will fail to reach its full profit potential and chaos will reign if you lack effective, fully integrated systems, processes, and workflows.

By incorporating LWP cloud-based systems, processes, and workflows you will build a fail-safe practice that prevents mistakes, accomplishes routine duties efficiently, and frees up your time to pursue goals such as procuring new business or enjoying a more satisfying work/life balance.

LWP systems, processes, and workflows will allow you to:

  • Improve your firm’s efficiency, proficiency, and profitability
  • Produce error-free plans consistently and quickly
  • Know exactly where each client is in the planning process and what the next step will be
  • Know your firm’s revenue/expense numbers at any given time
  • Know precisely what your team is working on and hold everyone accountable (including yourself)
  • MORE???

LWP offers all of the following systems and processes:

  • Client Enrollment Process:

    Client intake; workshops; initial/vision meeting; five key focusers; process and vision clarifier; estate plan audit; and client goal focuser

  • Estate Planning Process:

    Design meeting, drafting, funding, and signing meeting

  • Medicaid Qualification Process:

    Eligibility worksheet and software with value proposition letter; benefits eligibility worksheet; Medicaid application process with checklists and instructions

  • VA Aid & Attendance Process:

    Workshops, VA qualification software, checklists and list of proper forms to be utilized

  • Probate and Trust Administration Process

  • Relationship Management System (Referral Process):

    Synergy meeting with interview and necessary materials; strategy meeting, including workshop strategy checklist and meeting process; relationship review meeting; professional presentations; professional boot camps; nursing home marketing; private presentations

  • Maintenance Process

  • Funding Process:

    Funding table, asset allocation checklist, and other key tools

Cloud-Based Workflows

All of LWP’s workflows and tasks are housed in Actionstep, a fully automated and secure cloud-based practice management system that provides you and your team with a complete snapshot of any client, anytime, anywhere. The benefits of cloud-based workflows in Actionstep include:

Greater efficiency and the elimination of bottlenecks

As a client moves through your planning process, automated workflow tools ensure that you and each member of your team can access the information needed to keep the process moving forward. This eliminates bottlenecks and allows you and your team to reclaim “lost” time and focus on the activities that generate revenue for your firm.

Automated reporting

Reports are customized to fit the needs of your practice and designed to keep you focused on your goals. Crucial information, like your firm’s revenue/expense numbers, can be easily accessed 24/7.

Tracking and accountability

You’ll know what every member of your team has been working on in the past, what they’re doing now, and what they’ll be doing next. You’ll be able to track the results of everything your firm is doing to generate revenue, from marketing, workshops, and initial client meetings to referral relationships with allied professionals.

Anywhere, anytime access

With a cloud-based system, you’ll never again deal with a lost file, breakdowns in communication, or weekend trips to the office to check on a client’s status.

Safe and secure

You get your own private database, which is backed up for you automatically. All Internet traffic is fully encrypted between you and Actionstep.

In short, LWP provides the systems and processes you need to run your firm instead of having your firm run you. To learn more contact us at or (877) 299-0326.

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