Looking to Make the Leap from Attorney to Entrepreneur?

Change_is_coming-300x173Take control of your practice! The cheese has moved!

The cataclysmic change in the American economy over the last several years has changed everything! The way we must operate as attorneys, the thought process clients who used to purchase our services and the value we are able to show them, is all different. If you are the owner of your practice, you must be prepared to lead, follow or get out of the way!

In my experience over the past few years, it has become clear that this new economy is all about being responsive. People are not waiting for you to return calls. You must be prepared when the calls come in, no whining or you will be left behind.

To be a leader, you must proceed with confidence in the face of uncertainty! Today’s economy demands a high attention to customer satisfaction and service, not from your perspective, but from theirs! So how do you maintain confidence and lead? Let Lawyers With Purpose be your guide. The best way to maintain your confidence is to associate with others who have it. Lawyers With Purpose members have created an organization of the highest integrity with tremendous abundance to support their fellow members. Follow the process. Don’t reinvent it, don’t tweak it. As Dan Sullivan said, be stupid! Just do it. I have tested and tried these processes in my active practice every day and they are working.

In all change, there is a winner and a loser. You determine what side you’re on. Stay focused, stay committed, stay confident and stay on target and your success will be the result. If you always do what you’ve always done, you will continue to get what you have always gotten. Remember The E-Myth by Michael Gerber, “For a successful small business, you must be an entrepreneur, manager and technician.” To ensure you’re doing this properly, I encourage you to calendar days of the week that you will be acting in each of those roles and stick to it. Ensure you have at least 2 ½ days a week where you are acting as entrepreneur (seeking out new business); 2 days a week to do work; and one day a week to manage yourself by planning and managing your company. Lead, follow or get out of the way!

Times Are Changing: Is Your Practice Keeping Up?

Are changing times killing your practice? Have the economic changes, purchasing habit changes, and the shift in how people view estate planning hurt your profitability? Now is the time to focus on ways to apply the key elements to withstand the changing times, and earn your greatest revenues. Here a few of are our suggestions:

1. Calculate what you are worth (you may be surprised)!
2. Identify the elements to stand changing times and maintain a profitable practice.
3. Identify how Medicaid Planning is a concern for the fastest growing market in America.
4. Identify ho3w to build profitable referral networks to overcome the average view of Estate Planning.
5. Identify how to avoid hidden potential risks for malpractice.
6. Identify what impacts a client’s decision to hire you, and how to overcome their objections.

Not sure where to start? That's where our expertise here at Lawyers With Purpose comes in!

The Real Reason You Went to Law School

I was recently speaking at a local law school and I saw it in their eyes… The 2L's and 3L's saw me as a piece of raw meat, excited to figure out if there was any opportunity to get a job with me.  I was also able to experience that innocence I had as law student and the ideal I had about the industry I was getting myself into.  What happened?

Most attorneys I work with got involved in law to make the world a better place and to make a good living for their families, but its not working out that way for most. Many started in a firm, but eventually got frustrated enough “to go do it themselves” but the drudgery of running a day-to-day practice has taken its toll. The good news is, you can get back what you always wanted to have in your practice.  It just takes a little bit of time and persistence, but most importantly, it requires integration.  That's the title of my one-hour webinar I'm delivering on August 14th at 8:00 p.m. Eastern/5:00 p.m. Pacific:

“Integration: The Four Strategies That Got Me The Practice I Always Dreamed Of.” 

As a practicing attorney, like you, I live the day-to-day; but it's not Groundhog's Day for me, and it doesn't have to be for you.  I have been fortunate to have trained thousands of lawyers and over 600 on my comprehensive practice with purpose program.  I'd love to share with you how different the next 6 to 12 months can be for you and how it can change the rest of your life.

How can you get involved? Click HERE!

I hope you'll join me!

Sincerely, David J. Zumpano, CPA, Esq.

Practicing Attorney, just like you &

Founder of Estate Planning Law Center, MPS, & Lawyers With Purpose, LLC

P.S., While attorneys everywhere are struggling, there are some who are THRIVING – living life according to their dreams – even in this economy. Tim from Ohio will share how he added $300,000 to his revenue in one year by following my four strategies.

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Those who register AND attend will receive “The 100% Estate Planning Practice,” my 5 hour CLE, recently presented to the Mid-South Estate Planning Forum.  It includes legal technical training, marketing and practice management techniques unparalleled in the industry.