Transform Your Practice One “Who” at a Time

"How do I get my practice to the next level?"

This is the first question the vast majority of our prospects ask. Unfortunately, it is the wrong question. Becoming an efficient, proficient, and consistently profitable firm isn’t about how, it’s about who. The question you must ask is, “Who do I need to take my firm to the next level?”

In the coming days, we’ll help you find the answer to that question. You’ll learn the three levels of law firm success and where your firm stands on the LWP Success Model; the eight key areas you need to improve in order to grow your firm; who is accountable for achieving specified goals in the six areas of lead generation, lead conversion, workflow, cashflow, personnel, and finance.

In short, we’ll share the strategies, insights, models, hands-on tools, team activities, and more that have helped thousands of attorneys build the firms and the work/life balance they’ve always wanted.

So, let’s get started. The place to begin, logically enough, is your firm’s bottom line: Where are you right now in terms of revenue and profit? If you follow the LWP System—and you most certainly should—this is what a successful law firm’s ratio of staff to profit looks like.


Do your firm’s numbers resemble these? If they don’t, they should, and we can help you get there. Next time, we’ll share with you a powerful, hands-on activity to help you determine where your firm is now in terms of the eight key areas necessary for success. It’s called the Practice Transformation Tool. You don’t want to miss it.

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