Transform Your Practice One Who at a Time: Competency, Capacity, and Focus

GettyImages-825493738Last time we discussed the Law Firm Accountability Chart. Your firm’s success depends on having the right “Who” in every box in the chart. If you’ve set goals for everyone on your team in the past, but they are not consistently met, you need to look at these three factors: competency, capacity, and focus.

Competency refers to a person’s ability to do the job at hand. Does the person in question possess the necessary skill set and knowledge for the job? Here’s one way to tell: If you have asked someone to do something three times, but the task has not been completed, the individual responsible may actually want to do it but simply cannot. This person may require additional training, or perhaps he or she is not in the right seat at your firm. Unfortunately, he or she may not be the right “Who” for your firm at all.

Another explanation for failing to complete required tasks centers on capacity. If some people in your firm frequently say they are too busy to tackle a requested task, maybe they are being asked to do too much, or maybe they are not managing their time properly. At LWP, we believe that there is always enough time to get the job done if proper systems, strategies, and workflows are being followed.

Finally, the problem may result from lack of focus. Perhaps the employee’s Key Performance Indicators have not been adequately defined or explained. Every member of your team should know the numbers and goals for which they are responsible.

If you understand your role in the firm, and you have the “Whos” in place to fill the roles outlined in the Law Firm Success Model, you will be able to transform your practice. You’ll have consistent cash flow and profitability; happy and flourishing employees; and increased personal and financial freedom. In short, you’ll have the firm and life/work balance you’ve always wanted.

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