Building Profitable Referral Relationships: With Whom Should You Meet?

Referral-relationshipsSimply put, you want to meet with professionals that service your market in a different way than you do and whose clients (or patients) can benefit from your services.

So where do you find these professionals? Your sources can be broken down into four categories: institutions such as hospitals and hospices; wholesalers like brokerage houses, insurance companies, and banks; agencies such as nursing homes, RCILs, and ARCs; and advisors, including financial advisors, insurance representatives, accountants, and tax preparers.

It can be helpful to think of these four categories as a funnel, with institutions and wholesalers at the top, agencies and advisors in the middle of the funnel, and their clients (or patients) at the bottom of the funnel, ready to flow into your firm as prospective clients.

Now that we know the institutions, wholesalers, agencies, and advisors with whom you want to meet, let’s look at how to get started on the right foot with them and how to clearly understand your value proposition. We’ll cover that next time.

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