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Process & Workflow Webinar


Nov 21 2023


Eastern Standard Time (EST)
2:00 pm - 3:00 pm
Process and Workflow Webinar

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4 Steps to Elevate Your Team Meetings (with and without a team!)

Come join Phil Miner, LWP’s Performance Specialist, on Tuesday, November 21st to spend some time discovering how to elevate your results by mastering 4 key steps to a productive and successful team meeting!

This live webinar will focus on…

  • The importance of a consistent agenda with a meeting facilitator.
  • Utilizing the KPI Calculator and Dashboard to Profitability to set goals.
  • Tracking and reporting firm results utilizing the Dashboard and 5 Key Focusers.
  • How to walk into the meeting with a mindset that elevates results and satisfaction.

You DON’T want to miss building a sample team meeting agenda that provides for outlets when things are on target as well as how to navigate rougher waters.

And don’t worry, for our solo practitioners out there, we’ve got you covered with how to conduct a team meeting when you are the team!

Register today and prepare to walk away with a new mindset that will allow for better discussions, less blame, and more focus on actual causes while utilizing some new skills to truly embrace your opportunities and overcome your challenges!

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