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Sep 22 2023


Eastern Daylight Time (EDT)
2:00 pm - 3:00 pm
Process and Workflow Webinar

This webinar is open to Lawyers With Purpose members only.

Enhanced Materials to Elevate Your RMS Process and Generate More Referrals – Part 2

In July, Phil Miner, LWP’s Performance Specialist, covered the new enhancements that have been made to the RMS process and how you can use them successfully to elevate your practice. This month, he’s digging a little deeper to showcase the updates that have been and are being made to the RMS Workflow in Actionstep!

By attending this live webinar, you will learn the new enhanced RMS workflow, how to navigate from step to step, the tasks that need to be completed before and after each step, the new relationship classifications, as well as the changes to the tracking and reporting, and the new RMS Meeting agenda.

After attending this webinar, you will know what the enhancements are, why they were made, and how to properly implement them into your practice. You will be able to advance relationships through the RMS process and understand the tasks to complete and how to access and utilize the reports/focusers.

Specifically, Phil will be teaching:

You DON’T want to miss walking through a mini example in Actionstep, so you can see what is available and how much easier it is to use it properly!!

Register today so you’ll know specific next actions to follow to immediately begin implementing the enhanced workflows to elevate your RMS results, attract and build new referral sources to increase your leads and fill workshops!!

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