Maximizing Your Legal Technical Training

As those of you who have joined in on our weekly live case study review during the last few weeks are aware, Lawyers with Purpose is getting ready for some exciting changes in our legal technical training.  Over the past several months, as my calendar has been freed up to provide one-on-one legal training and file reviews with members, case-specific questions for the Live Case Study review have slowly faded. As such, we are restructuring the Monday afternoon hour to continue to provide members with the most efficient use of your time and the time of your staff.
Moving forward, while we will continue to address all questions that are submitted by 5 p.m. Friday on the following Monday, we will be using a large portion of the legal technical hour as an in-depth study of the Lawyers with Purpose system and the many uses of the LWP Client Centered Software.
We will be discussing the four layers of planning, and we will go through the documents used in these plans in the LWPCCS as we learn. In the first layer, estate planning, we will talk about the Power of Attorney, Health Care Directive, Will and Revocable Living Trust. We will discuss what makes these documents client-centered and what features of the software you can use to achieve
various client goals. In the second layer, asset protection planning, we will discuss the legal distinction of what known creditors and predators are, along with the many client-centered features of the IPUG trust, family trust and other irrevocable trusts that the LWPCCS offers in the asset protection realm.
It is in the third layer that we will focus most of our studies. In the special needs and benefits planning layer, we will review the general rules of Medicaid, VA pension and SSI. We will then focus on the many planning tools available in the IPUG, MIT, FIT and KIT, the special needs trust and the other irrevocable trusts available in the LWPCCS for creating a successful plan that provides the highest level of planning that most of our clients require. We will focus on powers of appointment, trust protectors, disability panels and all of the other options the software provides to make these plans highly client-centered and extremely effective at the same time. And finally, we will discuss the fourth layer, tax planning. We will address how to create various tax shelters, ILITs and other plans designed to shelter the assets of our wealthier clients. 
As we move through this series, I will send weekly emails to the Listserv letting you know where we are in our studies. We will treat the call as a live classroom and will have time for questions each day on the topics discussed. The legal technical hour is for MEMBERS ONLY on Monday afternoons at 4 p.m. Eastern.  I encourage you to register and for your entire staff to listen. 
I am confident that the drafting techniques and legal lessons will be a great benefit to your entire firm, and an hour well-spent. I am excited to continue to move forward as the most client-focused group of elder law attorneys in the country.  If you are not a Lawyers With Purpose member and want to know more about joining our community, contact Molly Hall at
Kimberly Brannon, Legal-Technical Trainer – Lawyers With Purpose

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