Estate Plan Advisor

What Is It

The Estate Plan Advisor is Guidr’s newest lead-generation tool. It is a series of questions asked to the client to determine what is important to them. This is similar to LWP’s Estate Plan Audit, often conducted at the Vision Meeting. Based on their answers to these questions, Guidr will recommend either the Essentials (a Will, Health Care Directive and Power of Attorney), a Revocable Trust Plan, or an Asset Protection Plan.

Guidr is not yet able to draft Trusts, so the Estate Plan Advisor will encourage the user to complete the Essentials online through Guidr, but then refer them to your firm to meet and complete a Trust in the traditional manner.

The Benefits

  • Generates leads who recognize the value of trust planning, and have already expressed interest in trust planning based on what’s important to them.
  • Guidr will provide the Essentials documents, saving your firm valuable drafting and signing time
  • Guidr will also collect financial information, similar to what you typically receive on the LWP Personal & Financial Information Form, giving your firm a head start in the first meeting with the client

How It Works

  • Client will be presented with options:
    • The Essentials plan for bundled savings, or any of the three documents individually
    • The personal estate plan advisor
    • The Asset Protection Analysis
  • If they choose personal estate plan advisor, it will ask them a series of questions about themselves, their spouses (when applicable), their children (when applicable), and what is important to them.
  • Based on those answers, the EPA will recommend either the Essentials, a Revocable Trust, or an Asset Protection Trust
  • The EPA will also recommend certain add-ons based on those answers as well
    • The client will be able to add or remove add-ons as well
  • If the client selects the Essentials Plan, everything will move through the normal process
  • If the client selects the revocable or asset protection plan, they will move through the Essentials interview AND they will get asked a series of financial questions
    • The financial questions will basically fill in a PIF for the attorney to use at their meeting
  • Client will finish the interview, and complete their Essentials documents; the law firm will be notified that someone has opted for a trust plan
  • The law firm will reach out to the client to schedule a Vision meeting
  • The law firm will meet with the client in the traditional manner, sign a separate engagement agreement, and quote their trust fees accordingly

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