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Jan 24 2023


Eastern Standard Time (EST)
2:00 pm - 3:00 pm
Team Member Roundtable

Don’t miss our Quarterly Team Panel Roundtable! This is a perfect opportunity for team members to hear tips, techniques, and inspiring successes from other LWP Members’ team.

The mentor featured this month is Maria Beck. Maria is the Paralegal, Drafting Coordinator with Plan Right Law, a boutique asset protection law firm with two offices in the Salt Lake City metro area. Plan Right Law helps clients, particularly small business owners, protect their families, property and resources, and leave a meaningful legacy. Maria spent 18 years in the construction, development, mining, and renewable energy spaces as a Corporate Controller before she started with Plan Right Law in business planning and quickly moved into estate production as well. Since joining the team, Maria has converted the firm from Google Drive to Actionstep, taken on billing, and started filing probate matters in 2022 when the probate staff member retired. In December 2022, the firm added Guidr and they are in the first stages of getting their Legacy Program in place for the first quarter 2023. Maria loves block scheduling, so the firm has added Legal Scrum to their process in order to give a visual element to workflow and integrate new team members in a much quicker fashion. Maria is excited to speak to process improvement, finances, consistency in scheduling multiple office locations, creating a “whole package” offering to clients that is both taking care of their legal documents but providing an element of compassion and legacy to their estate as well.

In this session, Maria will cover:

  • Being a full service law firm, taking the leap on new ideas that expand your offerings
  • Remaining realistic in your timing for document production, especially when your firm had staff who are fulfilling multiple roles
  • Defining roles and how clarity impacts work product and overall firm success

Zoom calls will be scheduled for 60 minutes and are open format so participants can discuss a range of relevant topics, identify solutions to challenges and roadblocks, and benefit from the collaboration of your peers in the LWP community. You can submit a question at registration, participate in (or just listen to) engaging conversations, offer feedback and suggestions of your own, and find ways to improve your efficiency, profitability, and overall joy. This is your opportunity to open up, learn from, and talk with other LWP firms and gain the insight you need for practice success. You’ll definitely want to take advantage of this monthly opportunity!

We look forward to seeing you on January 24th at 2:00 PM EST!

This webinar is open to Lawyers With Purpose members only.

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