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Resources for Your Estate Planning or Elder Law Practice

Estate Planning | Wills & Trusts | Elder Law | Medicaid | Asset Protection | VA Benefits | Special Needs Trusts


Our blog offers great insight and tips on growing your estate planning or elder law practice. To ensure you never miss a post, sign up for our blog digest.

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Published Articles

Read a collection of articles by LWP founders and attorneys or pertaining to estate planning, elder law, asset protection and medicaid issues.

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Lawyers with Purpose is a membership organization for attorneys practicing in estate planning and documents, elder law and elder law practice systems, Medicaid planning, asset protection, Special Needs planning, and/or Veterans(VA) Administration Benefits planning. The LWP Client Centered Software (LWP-CCS) is drafting software / system that includes wills, healthcare proxies, powers of attorney, our industry exclusive personal needs plan, IPug™ trust, completed gift trust, Medicaid qualification software and Veterans(VA) Benefits qualification software.