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Coaching, Consulting & Implementation
Unparalleled in the Estate Planning & Elder Law Industry

When you join Lawyers with Purpose™ you are not just buying software or legal/technical training. Rather, you are opening the door to a world of opportunity – and the support that ensures your success! We make a firm commitment to support you, but you are always in the driver's seat. You determine the pace at which you proceed and how quickly you will achieve your goals. Consider this like going back to school. But this time it's just not law – it's like a graduate course in law practice design and management.

You may be asking, what is the difference between Coaching, Consulting and Implementation; and how do these come together in the LWP program?


Coaching is an action-oriented support service that helps you set realistic goals for success, both personal and professional, as well as guidance in achieving those goals. Your LWP coach acts as a companion walking alongside you through your explorative journey to ultimate fulfillment. Your coach is the lighthouse beacon, lighting the waters so you can decide how to navigate safely through them. Your Coach is your Guide with Accountability.


A consultant is an expert in a given field and is hired to teach a very specific subject matters. With Consulting, there is no discussion of other factors such a motivation, goal setting or self- discovery, as with Coaching. Consulting is an information- based service that tells you what exactly to do and how to do it. When acting as a Consultant, your LWP Implementation Guide is the Expert with Measurement.

Coaching Consulting & Implementation


Implementation Specialists focus specially on the LWP Systems and Process. The Implementation plan directs you and your team to the online LWP Knowledge where you will find virtual training and support services. You will be able to make informed decisions about your practice; decisions that are anchored to insightful reporting and tracking. With effective Implementation, you'll be increasing revenue, eliminating inefficiencies, boosting your margins and creating consistent cash flow for your practice. In this respect, your LWP Implementation Guide is the Strategist with the Execution.

An easy way to distinguish the differences: the consultant gives you needed information, while the coach draws needed information from you – about your resources and your goals, for instance. Implementation unites Coaching and Consulting into a systemized path and plan

CCI = Be (Coaching) + Do (Consulting) + Have (Implementation)

The Lawyers with Purpose™ Coaching, Consulting & Implementation (CCI) program is unparalleled in the Estate Planning & Elder Law Industry. It just doesn't exist–anywhere. And it is included in the membership, for no additional monthly fee. CCI is an action oriented service that guides LWP law firms in setting realistic goals for success while providing a tried, tested, and proven path and plan for attaining those goals. It all centers on a comprehensive, ongoing monthly Implementation program customized to your practice to implement the LWP systems that will get you the greatest impact fast.

The LWP CCI team has a combined 45+ years of expert industry specific experience that qualifies the implementation team to lead members through their own personalized explorative journey to ultimate fulfillment.

The CCI team serves as a constant pillar of support for our members. We bring to the table a steadfast desire to support attorneys in their growth, a willingness to work with you vs. providing more binders that are going to sit on the shelf, and a dedication to supporting you to succeed through monthly coaching, consulting and implementation calls for you and your team. To give you an example, a few of the themes of the calls will be:

CC&I roadmap

To name just a few. As you can see, this implementation program is not something just thrown together–this is a serious, practical, and meticulously engineered program designed from the get-go to help you achieve maximum results and maximum success… whatever that means for YOU!

Lawyers with Purpose is a membership organization for attorneys practicing in estate planning, elder law, Medicaid planning, asset protection, Special Needs planning, and/or VA Benefits. The LWP Client Centered Software (LWP-CCS) includes wills, healthcare proxies, powers of attorney, our industry exclusive personal needs plan, IPug™ trust, completed gift trust, Medicaid qualification software and VA Benefits qualification software.

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